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Sabrina Pernet

fashion blogger

  Every woman is beautiful!

Whether with feminine curves, slim or trained.  

Because if you shine from within, you also radiate it to the outside.

Love your body every day and emphasize your assets.

Find the perfect swimwear now,

that suits you  with my  personal tips.

The perfect swimwear styles for:




The perfect swimwear for small breasts


Many bikini cuts are suitable for a small bust.

Models with or without underwire, as well as triangle and bandeau tops to lace.

Sporty cuts and special details such as ruffles also come into their own.






The perfect swimwear for big breasts


Women who have large breasts need to know that they are well packed.

Tops with a good grip at the front and back are best.

Without push-up, with shaped bracket and secure lock.





The perfect swimwear for wide hips


Many women want to hide wider hips and round buttocks,

however, this is not necessary. Because beautiful curves are very feminine.

With the right cuts, you can create a wonderful hourglass silhouette.





The perfect swimwear for a small belly


Women with a stomach don't have to hide.

You can opt for fabrics in dark colors, which have a concealing effect.

As well as models with ruffles and those made by

distract the center of your body and focus your gaze on the neckline.





The perfect swimwear for pregnant women


A body in different circumstances is a wonderful thing.

I am currently eight months pregnant myself and feel very comfortable with my belly, which is getting rounder and rounder.

With bikinis, the focus is on the beautiful core.

If you don't want that, you can opt for one of the enchanting tankinis.





The perfect swimwear for fair skin


Light skin types are best to opt for bright and bold colors.

With or without a pattern. Bubble colors like pastel tones make the skin appear even lighter or redder.

All cuts are available.



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